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What's Next for the Superintendent of Schools Vacancy

May 1, 2019

Now that Dr. Karen Pickles has resigned as the Superintendent of Schools for the Madison County School District what will the School Board do and how will they do it. The "Memorandum of Law" prepared by Board Attorney Tommy Reeves lays out what can and can not be done.


Dr. Pickles Signed a Delegation of Authority and Line of Succession document on April 12th designating the Chief Human Capital Office (Sam Stalnaker) as the 1st person in line with the Chief Finance Officer (Walter Copeland), who also resigned effective April 30th, as the 2nd person in line. In the Memorandum it is pointed out "that a public official may not delegate to another person the public official’s discretionary powers:" Mr. Reeves goes on to say "Therefore, I must conclude that the Delegation of Authority is not effective to delegate the authority of the Superintendent or otherwise provide a line of succession."


Mr. Reeves recommends to the School Board that they designate a person to perform the functions of the superintendent temporarily, until the governor acts. The School Board would have to amend policy 1060 to include the current circumstances they are in and then designate said person until the Governor  appoints a replacement to serve out the rest of Dr. Pickles term which end in 2020.


To read the complete Memorandum of Law and attached supporting documents click here.


The School Board Special Session meeting will be held May 1, 2019 at the District School Board office at 210 NE Duval Avenue at 6:00pm. The session will be aired live on the Districts YouTube channel.



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