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Madison School Board Agenda for October 3, 2017

September 28, 2017

The School Board of Madison County, Florida



October 3, 2017

6:00 PM


1     Amendments to the Agenda



2     Public  Comment – Any member of the public who wishes to address the Board on any agenda item, or any other topic, must sign the sheet at the back of the meeting room prior to the time designated for public comment



Items Recommended for Approval Collectively By Consent


3     Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s)

Karen Pickles


4     Agreement with FOCUS School Software

Karen Pickles


5     Contract with Taylor County School District & North Florida Career Pathways

Paula Ginn


6     Agreement with Apalachee Center for Counseling Services

Lori Newman


7     GED Requests

Karen Pickles


8     Grant & Categorical Funded Staff Trips

Karen Pickles


Items Recommended for Individual Consideration



9     Staff Trips – General  Fund

Karen Pickles


10    Student  Field Trips – Out of County

Karen Pickles


11    Memorandum of Agreement with Madison County Education Association

Karen Pickles


12    Special Needs Shelter Agreement with Madison County Emergency Management & Madison County Health Department

Karen Pickles


13    IAQ Inspection Report

Karen Pickles


14    Screened School Volunteers

Sam Stalnaker


15    Personnel Changes

Sam Stalnaker


16    Staffing Table Revisions

Sam Stalnaker


17    Permission to Advertise Non-Instructional Position(s)

Sam Stalnaker


18    Superintendent Items


19    Attorney Items


20    Board Member Items


21    Student Representative


22    Adjourn


Any member of the public, who wishes to address the Board on any agenda item, or any other topic, must sign up (including the completion of required speaker forms, if any) with the Superintendent or his designee before the time designated for Public Comment.  During Public Comment, the Chair shall recognize those persons signed up to speak on agenda items first.  To the extent time permits, the Chair shall thereafter recognize those persons signed up to speak on non-agenda items.  Unless, leave is given by the Chair, (1) all speakers will be limited to three minutes per topic, (2) any identifiable group of three persons or more shall be required to choose a representative, who shall be limited to five minutes per topic.  When recognized by the Chair during Public Comment, a speaker may request to be allowed to make his or her comments at the time the Board considers a particular agenda item.  The Chair may grant or deny such request in the Chair’s sole discretion.


The Board may act upon (including reconsideration) any agenda item at any time during the meeting. The agenda may be changed only for good cause as determined by the Chair and stated in the record.  If, after the regular time for Public Comment, the agenda is amended to add an item for consideration, the Chair shall allow public comment on the added agenda item prior to the Board taking action thereon.


All decisions of the Chair concerning parliamentary procedures, decorum, and rules of order will be final, unless they are overcome by a majority of the members of the Board in attendance.


If any person decides to appeal any decision with respect to any action considered at the above referenced meeting and hearing, such person may need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceeding is made to include testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is made

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