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Ben Killingsworth, Candidate for Superintendent of Schools


Good morning, I hope all is going well in Madison County. I am excited about returning to the campaign trail in my quest to become your next superintendent of schools. I will aggressively get out in the county and continue with my campaign efforts beginning the week of July 4th. Please continue to understand Taylor will require additional therapy which will occupy some of my time away from Madison County. I want to give you an update on Taylor's recovery from her accident approximately three weeks ago. Taylor spent a week in Tallahassee Regional Hospital until she was able to be transferred to Brooks Rehab in Jacksonville. Although expected to spend a moderate amount of time in formal rehab, Taylor's recover thus far has been miraculous in that she was released from Brooks after five days of rehab. However; Taylor still requires outpatient therapy as she goes through the healing process. I, and my family, do want to express our deepest thanks for prayers, thoughts, calls and visits which were extremely supportive in the healing process. Through this trial with our family, I was able to first hand to witness the healing power of Jesus Christ. I firmly believe He gives the knowledge to doctors and specialists so He can work miracles through them. Even though doctors can predict a timeline of recovery, God's timeline has overtaken what man has predicted. In closing, please remember you can reach me through Facebook or email me at I do want to publicly thank each of you for your support thus far. Many of you have been out in the community spreading the word of my campaign, placing signs through out the county and just being supportive of my family.


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