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Madison KFC Closing its Doors

November 4, 2014



After serving the Colonials Special Recipe in Madison for the last 20 years the Madison KFC will close its doors for good on Saturday November 8th. The owner, Lawrence Helms, said it was a tough decision but ultimately he had to close. November 8th is the last day of his franchise agreement with KFC and in order to renew it Helms would have to invest $60,000.00 in the Madison location by the end of the year. Then Helms would have to invest an additional $150,000.00 in 2015. Helms said the investment was too great for the restaurant that is not making a profit. For years the Madison KFC has struggled to keep up, but the recession over the last several years has made it impossible to make it.




Helms also owns the KFC franchises in Live Oak and Lake City and says they have been making enough profit to cover the losses by the Madison location but it was not enough to cover the increased cost of the mandatory upgrades. Helms has already met the required franchise upgrades at the Live Oak and Lake City locations.




The building and equipment in it we be put up for sale. When asked if he would reopen in the future, Helms said he may look at opening another restaurant in Madison but it would not be a franchise type Restaurant. 

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