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Alert to Parents of Teenage Drivers

May 22, 2014

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is receiving complaints of a new “challenge” circulating through social media i.e. Facebook. This new challenge is called the “Doughnut Challenge” and is similar to the popular “Polar Plunge Challenge” and others alike often posted through social media avenues. 
To participate in the Doughnut Challenge, a driver will go to a designated roadway (mostly dirt road intersections) and spin up the roadway / intersection while being videoed. Once the driver completes the challenge, the video is then posted on Facebook proving that the challenge was accepted and completed. The driver will then challenge others to do the same. 
Although this type of driving behavior may seem to be harmless fun it is quite the opposite. Operating a motor vehicle in this type of reckless manner is very dangerous and is also a criminal act. The driver of the vehicle can be charged with Criminal Reckless Driving as well as Criminal Mischief for damage caused to the roadway. 
Parents please talk to your young drivers and encourage them not to participate in this challenge. Inform them of the very real dangers of injury or death caused by losing control of their vehicle as well as the possibility of being charged criminally.

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