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School Board Votes to Cut Positions for 2019-2020 School Year.

The Madison County School Board received recommendations from the Long Term Planning Committee. Click Here to see their recommendations.

The Board then addressed "The List" that was presented in January as possible cuts in staff. The Board voted to make the following cuts for the 2019-2020 school year:


1 AP

1 Dean

1 Guidance Councilor

1 Guidance Secretary

2 Receptionist/Clerk

Academic Coaches moved into classrooms as teachers also

All APs reduced to 11 Months

All Deans reduced to 10 Months


1 Receptionist/Clerk

All APs reduced to 11 months


Principal reduced to 11 months

Secretary reduced to 11 months


Secretary reduced to 11 months


Secretary reduced to 11 months

The District

1 Continuous Improvement Specialist

1 SIG Director

1 Human Resource Director (to end November 1, 2019)

2 Staffing specialist (ESE)

1 Receptionist/Clerk

All Directors reduced to Coordinators

Click Here to watch the meeting.


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