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More Rain Brings More Flooding

Withlacoochee River Near Pinetta (CR150)

Homes in northeast Madison County near the river are subject to flooding. NW 16 Avenue in Hamilton County is subject to closure.

Water approaches NW 16 Avenue in Hamilton County 1 mile north of CR 152.

The Bellview Bridge is subject to closure.

Several roads near the river in Madison County become impassable.

Roads near the river on the west bank begin to flood in Madison County.

Suwannee River at Ellaville

The Suwannee River at Ellaville remains under a flood warning. As of today the river sits at 49.8 ft. In speaking with the National Weather Service this morning, there will be a continued rise over the next 7 days. It is expected to hit Minor Flood Stage (53 ft) on Thursday December 20, 2018. Right now the NWS does not have an expected crest date. Based on history, several roads will be affected. As of this morning, SE Boundry Bend Trl. and NE Ellaville Central are closed.


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