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School Bus Shortage Will Cause Lee Elementary Students to Arrive Home Late!

Mrs. Brown, the principal at Lee Elementary School, posted on the schools Class Dojo system that due to a lack of buses and drivers students who ride bus 99 will be late getting home today.

The Message read

"Bus 99!! Bus 99!! We Just received a call that due to a shortage of buses and drivers, bus 99 students will be extremely late getting home today. They are not sure when they will be able to send a bus and driver to our school to get them today. If you could please come pick your child up after school if they ride bus 99, we would greatly appreciate it! Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!!"

Working parents of students who ride bus 99 will have to take time off work to pick their kids up or make them wait for an unknown amount of time. No other information was given as to why. At the time of this story no emails or phone calls have went out to the effected parents to notify them. A search of the districts website yielded no results either. It is unclear if bus 99 will be picking up students in the morning or if parents will have to take their kids to school.

If you have children at Lee elementary School or know people who do please let them know of the shortage.


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