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Pet Profiles Sam, Clyde & Moe Sponsored by Captain Pest Patrol

Sam, Clyde, and Moe are five month old kittens. They may not be tiny, but compared to a full grown cat, they're still small. These cuties are all males, fixed, and really energetic.

Moe isn't from the same litter, but his litter mates were adopted, and he was put in with the twins so he wasn't lonely. Moe is light grey, dark grey and white. He likes to carry his favorite toy around the playroom when he's in there.

Sam is a light orange tabby cat, though he has a little dark orange fur here and there. Sam loves to play with the small, cat balls with the bell in the middle. He will chase it around, and around.

Clyde is a darker orange tabby than his brother, and he loves chasing balls around in circles. Clyde likes to play with his brother, and Moe, and sometimes they even play tag!

Playing with these guys was so much fun, between Clyde sniffing shoes, Moe getting his toy caught on his claw, and Sam clinging to my leg for attention, I fell in love with these little kitties.

For more information on how to adopt Clyde, Sam, and Moe, and give them loving, forever homes visit: http://www.suwanneevalleyhumanesociety.us/cats-purrs/4526445792.


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