• Abigail Lee

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The Suwannee Valley Humane Society on Bisbee Loop in Lee, Florida is a no kill animal shelter. They work daily to care for many pets so that they can find their forever homes.

The shelter itself is a large building that has a main office at the center. From the office it branches off into the cat, and dog kennels.

The dog kennels are large, and contain everything a dog needs to be comfortable, food, water, and shelter. The dogs are walked, and receive human interaction when the volunteers walk, and play with them.

The cats have slightly smaller kennels, but are taken out, and allowed to play in the cat room. There, they have access to an outdoor play area, food, water, and lots of toys.

These furry friends are so fun to play with! I've played with them many times, and they each have their own unique personalities. If you adopt a purring kitty to sit in your lap, or a playful puppy to play outside with, I guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

Every year cats and dogs are left without homes, and these men and women work to give them homes. Not all superheroes wear capes.

The Suwannee Valley Humane Society has cats, and dogs that are available for adoption. Visit www.suwanneevalleyhumanesociety.us to learn more.


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