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School Board Agenda for July 17, 2017

The School Board of Madison County, Florida


July 17, 2017

6:00 PM

1 Amendments to the Agenda


2 Public Comment – Any member of the public who wishes to address the Board on any agenda item, or any other topic, must sign the sheet at the back of the meeting room prior to the time designated for public comment


Items Recommended for Approval Collectively By Consent

3 Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s)

Karen Pickles

4 Title I, Part A – Amendment 5

Karen Pickles

5 Memorandum of Agreement with Able Trust for Florida High School/High Tech

Lori Newman

6 Agreement with Kimberly Buchanan, SLP for Speech & Language Services

Lori Newman

7 Agreement to Participate in Multi-District Program for the Visually Impaired

Lori Newman

8 Cooperative Agreement with Madison County Sheriff’s Office for 2017-2018

Lori Newman

9 Agreement with Tracey Platt, SLP

Lori Newman

10 Renewal of Performance Matters Contract

Mary Loughran

11 GED Requests

Karen Pickles

12 Staff Trips – Non-General Fund

Karen Pickles

Items Recommended for Individual Consideration

13 Staff Trips – General Fund

Karen Pickles

14 Student Field Trips – Out of County

Karen Pickles

15 Excel Contract

Karen Pickles/Tommy Reeves

16 Supplemental Curriculum

Robin Hill

17 MCHS Main Circulation Road Repair & Install ADA Sidewalks on the Home Side of Football Stadium

Tim Ginn

18 Screened School Volunteers

Sam Stalnaker

19 Personnel Changes

Sam Stalnaker

20 Staffing Table Revisions

Sam Stalnaker

21 Permission to Advertise Non-Instructional Position(s)

Sam Stalnaker

22 Budget Summary

Mary Loughran/Walter Copeland

23 Job Descriptions

Karen Pickles/Sam Stalnaker

24 Superintendent Items

25 Attorney Items

26 Board Member Items

27 Adjourn


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