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Hometown Health Awards Madison County Memorial Hospital with 2017 RISAH Accreditation

HomeTown Health, LLC awarded the 2017 RISAH Accreditation to Madison County Memorial Hospital at the 5th Annual Florida Conference in Orlando, Florida on June 23, 2017.

The goal of the Revenue Integrity Standards and Accreditation for Healthcare (RISAH) is to strengthen the revenue cycle knowledge base and practice of rural hospitals in an ever-changing reimbursement environment and to provide continuous performance improvement by identifying best practice standards and methods of measurement. The primary goal of a Revenue Cycle Department is to safeguard revenue, while meeting or exceeding the cash goal, in a manner that increases patient satisfaction. Creating an efficient, profitable and compliant hospital revenue cycle is the primary focus of the RISAH accreditation – and the second year focuses on expanding the standards and measurements into additional areas of the revenue cycle.

As stated by Sandy Sage, Revenue Cycle Consultant, “The MCMH team has diligently worked to obtain this accreditation. Their dedication to fiscal management and quality has been an incredible model for other hospitals to follow. I have witnessed their team strive for accuracy in the revenue cycle and look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.”

RISAH is an accreditation program focusing on the performance of the hospital revenue cycle. HomeTown Health provides annual assessments to monitor and measure the performance of your hospital revenue cycle and ongoing internal benchmarking practices. Standard benchmarks are based on recognized best practice metrics and education is provided on performance,

standards, monitoring and collecting data for surveys. A key to improving a hospitals’ revenue cycle is evaluating processes and changing them, as needed, to improve overall performance. Performance improvement is a long term, ongoing process that changes and evolves as regulations increase and the healthcare environment changes. Utilizing the best practice standard measurements allows a hospital to identify areas with performance deficits. By identifying these areas through the monitoring of performance, an organization will be able to affect change in areas that will increase revenue and cash flow.

“One of the key areas of successful revenue cycle management is the identification of measurable standards, the evaluation of current performance, the tracking of standard trends, and the continued increased benchmarking to elevate the performance of the revenue cycle team.” says Sandy Sage, “The RISAH accreditation is a direct reflection of Madison County Memorial Hospital’s commitment to improving performance in order to meet or exceed industry best practices in all areas of the revenue cycle.”

“To achieve RISAH accreditation for one year is an accomplishment – to put in the time, effort, dedication and teamwork required to achieve RISAH accreditation for two consecutive years, is a milestone achievement.” says Kristy Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, for HomeTown Health.

The 2017 RISAH Team at Madison County Memorial Hospital includes:

Patrick McGee, CFO; Sandy Fletcher, Financial Analyst; Callie Kervin, HIM Supervisor; Melissa Crump, Biller; Annette Everett, Case Management; Felisa Hall, Collections; and Bridgette Malone, Admissions Supervisor.

More information about the standards and participation guidelines can be found at www.hthu.net/risah.


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