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High Speed Chase on I-10 Causes Injury to Madison S.O. Deputies

Major David Harper of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at approximately 10:00 p.m., Sgt. Brandon Goldman assigned to the Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Team stopped a newer model red Ford F-150 west bound on I-10 for a traffic violation. Sgt. Goldman made contact with the occupants of the truck (later identified as Melanie Michelle Drinks and Antoine D. Drinks) and explained the reason for the traffic stop. While talking with the driver, Melanie Drinks, Sgt. Goldman detected the odor of Marijuana coming from the interior of the truck. Sgt. Goldman noticed that the passenger, Antoine Drinks, was smoking a cigar and blowing the smoke throughout the interior of the truck. Sgt. Goldman believed this to be an attempt to mask the odor of the Marijuana. Sgt. Goldman requested his partner Sgt. Mike Maurice respond to the traffic stop for routine assistance. Sgt. Goldman instructed Melanie to exit the truck and step to the rear to continue enforcement actions. Melanie told Sgt. Goldman that Antoine was her husband and they were traveling to Madison, FL but soon changed the destination to Tallahassee, FL. Sgt. Goldman informed Melanie that a probable cause search would be conducted because he felt that criminal activity was present. Melanie then told Sgt. Goldman that she was only the driver. Sgt. Goldman returned to the truck and instructed Antoine to exit the vehicle. Antoine refused to obey the command and climbed over the center console to the driver seat. Antoine then put the truck in gear and fled the traffic stop leaving his wife standing in the ditch.

Sgt. Goldman called for and additional unit to respond to pick up Melanie and then initiated pursuit along with Sgt. Maurice. Lt. Randy Jansch arrived moments later and retrieved Melanie. Speeds quickly reached 105 miles per hour as the pursuit continued west bound. Antoine began to drive in a reckless manner weaving in and out of other traffic while throwing Currency and Cocaine out the window of the truck. Sgt. Goldman feared for the safety of the other motorist and successfully forced the truck off the roadway into the grass median near the 247 mile marker attempting to cease any further movement. Sgt. Goldman and Sgt. Maurice exited their patrol vehicles and approached the truck in attempt to remove Antoine from the vehicle.

At that point Antoine began to flee again and while doing so struck Sgt. Maurice in the right leg with the truck. Sgt. Maurice sustained injury to his knee but reengaged the pursuit with Sgt. Goldman. Speeds again reached 105 miles per hour still traveling west bound. Multiple deputies and Florida Highway Patrol troopers were responding to assist and join the pursuit. Antoine exited I-10 at exit 241 (U.S. 221 interchange) and reentered the Interstate traveling back east bound.

Antoine continued to drive the truck in a reckless manner at speeds over 100 mile per hour while continuously throwing bags of Cocaine out the window. On numerous occasions Antoine purposely attempted to ram Sgt. Goldman and other pursuing deputies as well as innocent motorist. As the pursuit reached the 257 mile marker Major David Harper authorized pursuing deputies to stop the truck by utilizing any force necessary. Sgt. Goldman successfully utilized a Pursuit Intervention Technique (P.I.T. maneuver) causing the truck to spin out of control and allowing enough time for Sgt. Goldman, Sgt. Maurice, Sgt. Jarrod Lauth, Sgt. Maurice Alexander and Captain Chris Andrews to pin all sides of the truck with their patrol vehicles bringing the pursuit to an end.

Antoine refused all commands to comply and was forcefully removed by the deputies and placed under arrest. Several deputies received minor cuts from the broken truck window during the arrest. Antoine complained of back and neck pain and was transported to the Madison County Emergency Room where he was medically cleared before being transported to the Madison County Jail. The injured deputies were also treated and released.

During a search of the truck powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, Pills and Currency was located throughout the truck. Further investigation discovered that Antoine Drinks was currently on parole as a conditional release violator from State Prison for the offense of Flee Law Enforcement Officer with No Regard – Habitual however he had absconded supervision and was wanted by warrant. Deputies were able to back track the route of the pursuit and recover a portion of the Cocaine and Marijuana that was thrown out the window during the pursuit. Deputies were also able to determine that Melanie had direct involvement with the narcotics and she was arrested without incident.


Antoine Deanard Drinks


6883 West Virginia Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32209

  1. Aggravated Battery on Law Enforcement

  2. Aggravated Fleeing Resulting in Property Damage

  3. Possess Cocaine with Intent to Sell

  4. Possess Crack Cocaine with Intent to Sell

  5. Unlawful Distribute Schedule II (Oxymorphone)

  6. Possess Marijuana with Intent to Sell

  7. Possess Drug Paraphernalia / Equipment

  8. Arrest Warrant – Violation of Parole – Absconder

Melanie Michelle Drinks


3037 Broadway Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32254

  1. Possess Cocaine with Intent to Sell

  2. Possess Crack Cocaine with Intent to Sell

  3. Unlawful Distribute Schedule II (Oxymorphone)

  4. Unlawful Distribute Schedule II (Hydrocodone)

  5. Possess Schedule IV (Tramadol)

  6. Possess Schedule IV (Alprazolam)

  7. Possess without Prescription (Cyclobenzaprine)

  8. Possess Drug Paraphernalia / Equipment


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