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Georgia Hopson Tasered Trying to Escape

Major David Harper of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Friday, December 2, 2016, at 11:41 p. m. Deputy Jared Dewey responded to the residence of Georgia Wright Hopson located at 216 SE Lamar Loop to serve active arrest warrants on Georgia Hopson. Upon arrival, Deputy Dewey found the front door of the residence open and announced his presence. Deputy Dewey observed Georgia Hopson run toward the back of the residence in an obvious attempt to flee. Deputy Dewey entered the residence and located Hopson hiding behind a mirror in a bed room. Deputy Dewey told Hopson he had an active arrest warrant for her and instructed her to step out from behind the mirror. Hopson initially ignored his instructions but soon complied. As Deputy Dewey attempted to place Hopson in handcuffs, she snatched away and pushed the deputy in his chest. Hopson then fled on foot outside the residence into the yard. Deputy Dewey gave chase and deployed his agency issued Taser causing Hopson to fall to the ground. After a brief struggle, the deputy was able to gain control of Hopson and secured her in his patrol vehicle. Hopson attempted to convince the deputy that she was another person however Deputy Dewey knew who she was from previous dealings. Once in the back of the patrol vehicle Hopson attempted multiple times to escape the handcuffs and even attempted to disable the in-car video system.


Georgia Wright Hopson


216 SE Lamar Loop

Lee, FL 32059

1. Arrest Warrant – VOP Possession of Heroin and Sale of Controlled Substances

2. Battery on Law Enforcement Officer

3. Resist Officer with Violence

4. Giving False Name

5. Attempted Escape


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