• Madison County Sheriff's Office


Sheriff Ben Stewart brings to the attention of all citizens and communities that the Sheriff’s Office has initiated investigations into several incidents involving mail being taken from road side mail boxes. The most recent reports have been in the Cherry Lake and the Pinetta areas.

The perpetrator(s) appear to be targeting those mail boxes that have the flag up indicating mail is present for pick up. They are looking for checks and/or payments that are later being altered or forged. The perpetrator(s) are further taking the existing account numbers and information revealed on the checks and creating additional checks utilizing the victim’s identity. It takes the homeowner/victim several months before realizing this has occurred.

Sheriff Stewart cautions every citizen regarding the placement of payments or having checks mailed to their roadside mail box and further suggest utilizing the post office when possible. Sheriff Stewart appreciates the cooperation of all citizens and requests that any suspicious activity relating to this ALERT be reported to the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 850-973-4001.


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