• Submitted By Patrick Lightcap


On Tuesday, August 23, 2016 a program to promote positive community and police interaction was held at the Madison County Senior Center on Harvey Greene Drive. Titled "Community Policing Forum" members of law enforcement and the general public gathered to exchange feelings and ideas about current relationships between police and the citizens of the city of Madison and Madison County. Representatives of the City of Madison Police Department, Madison County Sheriff's Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol and the State Attorney's Office sat in the front to take questions from the audience. An open mic approach was used allowing anyone to come forward at a microphone and ask questions, make comments or offer suggestions. The Forum lasted from 6:00 PM to nearly 8:00 PM ending in awarding door prizes to the lucky ticket holders. There seemed to be agreement that there needs to be more understanding of one another, more mutual respect shown, and the ability to agree to disagree when necessary. Essentially more love as one citizen stated.


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