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Debra Pickles Bassett Arrested for Trafficking Controlled Substance

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Home Land Security Investigations to assist with an investigation involving a Madison County resident receiving packages of controlled substances through a courier service. On Monday the 16th day of May 2016 at approximately 2:30 PM Lieutenant Haskell, Sergeants Lauth and Boatwright and Deputy Goldman accompanied Home Land Security investigators to the residence of Debra Bassett located at 9292 SW CR 14 Madison Florida.

Investigators utilized covert tactics to deliver the package to the residence which was accepted and signed for by persons within the residence. The package contained approximately 4,000 doses of Tramadol, schedule 4 controlled substance. Bassett was mirandized and questioned regarding the substances and volunteered information relating to the acceptance and distribution of the controlled substances. Bassett further provided information regarding additional controlled substance within her residence. A consensual search of her residence discovered additional Tramadol and Zolfed, also known as Ambien (schedule 4 substance). Bassett surrendered all medications, her cell phone that contained list of persons to have the controlled substances shipped to as well as paper copies of list of persons to have the substances shipped to. The total number of Zolfed (Ambien, schedule 4) was 1,580 doses and Tramadol (schedule 4) was 24,680 doses. Bassett was taken into custody without incident.

Arrested and Charged:

Debra Pickles Bassett, W/F, DOB: 12/10/1954 of Madison Florida • Trafficking Controlled Substance (Tramadol) • Possession With Intent to Sell Controlled Substance (Zolfed, aka: Ambien)


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