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Jennings Arrested on Drug Charges

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Monday, April 11, 2016, Madison County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force Sgt. Jarrod Lauth conducted a traffic stop on a motorized scooter for a traffic violation. The scooter was being driven by James Leshaun Jennings. During the course of the traffic stop Sgt. Lauth became suspicious of Jennings due to the behavior exhibited by Jennings.

Sgt. Lauth instructed Jennings to step off the scooter to pat him down for weapons. During the pat down Sgt. Lauth felt a several small bags in Jennings back pocket. Sgt. Lauth removed a clear plastic bag tied in a knot that contained 19 smaller baggies. Each baggie contained an amount of synthetic marijuana packaged in a manner that is consistent with street level narcotic sales.

Jennings was arrested without incident. During transport to the Madison County Jail it was discovered that Jennings discarded a torn yellow piece of plastic in the patrol vehicle. Further inspection of the plastic found it to contain 5 Oxycodone tablets.


James Leshaun Jennings 03/06/1984 201 SW Apopka Trail Madison, FL 32340

1. Possession with Intent to Sell Synthetic Marijuana 2. Possession of Synthetic Marijuana over 3 grams 3. Possession of a Controlled Substance without Prescription (Oxycodone)


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