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City Manager Notes / Madison, FL City Commission Meeting 4/12/16

1. Call to Order.

2. Citizens Participation: No citizens spoke.

3. Agenda adopted.

4. Items Removed from Consent Agenda – None.

5. Consent Agenda approved: a. Minutes March 8, 2016 b. Minutes of Special Meeting of March 22, 2016 c. Pedestrian Safety on Pinckney Street at Youth Center / First Baptist Church. A “Speed bump” was approved for Pinckney Street as a safety measure to slow traffic. (ACTION: Public Works Superintendent Ricky Hudson will coordinate installation of the “speed bump” with Bill Rutherford, who is representing the First Baptist Church in this project. The “speed bump” is at no cost to the city. Public Works will paint a cross-walk on Pinckney Street.) d. Evaluation and Prioritization of City Streets / Maintenance (ACTION: Consulting Engineer Brent Whitman will evaluate the condition of city streets and propose which streets to prioritize for maintenance. He will prioritize them by voting districts. The evaluation and prioritization will be presented to the City Commission for review and possible revision.) e. Resolution 2016-6 -- A Resolution Supporting Restoration of Passenger Rail Service Between New Orleans, Louisiana and Orlando, Florida. (ACTION: Signed resolution will be forwarded to AMTRAK.) f. Resolution 2016-7 – Autism Awareness Month (ACTION: Signed resolution will be forwarded to the appropriate agency.) g. Madison County Local Mitigation Strategy Plan (ACTION: The county Emergency Operations Center has been notified the City Commission approved the plan.) h. Intent to Re-Appoint Members to City Boards (ACTION: Board membership will be on May 10, 2016’s City Commission agenda.) i. Appointment to Police Pension Board -- CPA Walter Copeland was appointed by the City Commission to become a member of the Police Pension Board. (ACTION: Mr. Copeland has been notified. Police Chief Ken Moore will provide materials to Mr. Copeland that will assist him as a new member of the board.) j. Fire/Rescue Department Report. k. Police Department Report.

6. Request for Use of City-Owned Property -- The City Commission will allow the Senior Citizens Council of Madison County to grow vegetables on nearby city-owned property for meals provided by the council to its senior citizen constituents. Inmates from the Madison County Correctional Institution will grow the vegetables. The vegetable plot must be 100 feet from the city’s nearby well. (ACTION: City Attorney Clay Schnitker will prepare an Interlocal Agreement between the city and the council.)

7. Tractor-Trailer Parking – The City Commission voted to enforce the existing provision in the Land Development Regulations prohibiting the parking of commercial and industrial vehicles in excess of one ton in residential zoning districts. (ACTION: The Commission directed city staff to explore other options during the next 30 days where tractor-trailers possibly could park. Those options will be reviewed at the City Commission’s May 10, 2016 meeting.)

8. Professional Engineering Services – The City Commission pre-qualified three professional engineering firms. The firms are: North Florida Professional Services Inc., of Lake City; David H. Melvin Inc., Consulting Engineers of Marianna; and Mittauer & Associates Inc., of Orange Park. (ACTION: City Attorney Clay Schnitker will prepare contracts for the City Commission to review at May 10, 2016’s commission meeting.)

9. Installation of Playground Equipment at Sumpter James Park – The City Commission approved Play Space Services of Melbourne, FL to install playground equipment at Sumpter James Park at a cost of $18,000. Two other firms submitted proposals: Arrowhead Enterprises of Havana, FL at $23,625 and Faust Concrete Inc., of Madison at $23,800. (ACTION: City Attorney Clay Schnitker will review the contract with Play Space Services for the mayor to sign. Once the contract is signed, the city will issue a Notice to Proceed.)

10. Cross-Connection Control Program / Backflow Prevention Devices – The City Commission approved city staff installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing residential and commercial backflow prevention devices, and also giving property owners the option to hire a certified plumber to repair the devices instead of the city repairing them. Costs incurred by the city in repairing the devices would be passed on to the property owner through the monthly utility bill. The City Commission also approved new rates for labor and materials to be charged by the city when it repairs the backflow prevention devices. (ACTION: City staff will work with the Florida Rural Water Association to include the above information in a Cross-Connection Control Program document required by the state Department of Environmental Protection. City staff and City Attorney Clay Schnitker will revise the city’s Backflow Prevention ordinance to ensure it syncs with the Cross Connection Control Program document.)

11. Leasing Additional Police Vehicles – Police Chief Ken Moore will explore financial options concerning leasing and/or purchasing new or used Police vehicles and will bring these options to the commission for review and possible approval.

12. Sewer Lift Station at North Florida Community College – The City Commission authorized City Attorney Clay Schnitker to respond to the college that the city believes it (the city) does not own the sewer lift station at the college and that the city is not obligated to repair or replace the lift station. (ACTION: Mr. Schnitker will prepare correspondence to the college reflecting the above information.)

13. Proposed FY 17-18 Projects / Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program – This item will be addressed at May 10, 2016’s City Commission meeting.

14. Financial Report – City Manager Bennett provided budget actuals through five months of the fiscal year. He also reported the city and county continue to work to cap annual Superfund payments at an amount to be determined, possibly at $150,000 a year each from the city and county. Mr. Bennett presented documents that showed the city has paid at least $1.5 million in Superfund costs over approximately the past decade and a half. He also said the city is researching why it is having to pay such a large amount toward the Fire Pension Fund.

15. Meeting adjourned.


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