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Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Thursday the 7th day of April 2016 at 11:21 a.m. Deputy Jared Dewey stopped a vehicle on US Highway 19 near the intersection of SW Overstreet for unlawful speed. Deputy Dewey made contact with the driver and passenger to explain the reason for the traffic stop. While taking enforcement action, Deputy Dewey detected the odor of unburnt marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The driver stated that marijuana had been smoked in the vehicle the previous night. Deputy Dewey explained that the odor was that of unburnt or “green” marijuana and that a probable cause search would be conducted. The passenger (identified as Tony Cornelius Jackson Jr) also stated that marijuana was smoked in the vehicle the night before, and the odor was probably coming from him.

Once again Deputy Dewey explained that the odor was not coming from burnt or smoked marijuana but was, in fact, coming from unburnt marijuana. Deputy Dewey instructed Jackson to step out of the vehicle. Jackson then freely told Deputy Dewey that there was some “Mid” in his bag on the back seat. “Mid” is a recognized slang term for mid-grade quality marijuana. Jackson stated that his bag contained two ounces wrapped in his shirt.

A search of the bag belonging to Jackson found the bag to contain approximately 4 ounces of marijuana packaged in two separate plastic bags. During a further search of the bag belonging to Jackson, Deputy Dewey located a loaded Lorcin .380 caliber handgun concealed within a shoe. Jackson denied knowing the handgun was inside his bag or shoe but later spontaneously stated that he kept the pistol for protection. Jackson was arrested without incident.


Tony Cornelius Jackson Jr

302 W Florida Street

Perry, FL 32348

Use/Display/Carry Firearm during a Felony

Possess Marijuana more than 20 grams

Possess Drug Paraphernalia


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