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Scott Arrested for Manufacturing Methamphetamine

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Tuesday the 17th day of February 2016 at 8:21 pm Madison County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force Investigators received information reporting an active Meth Lab located at 5932 E US 90 in Lee. Investigators were familiar with this location due to a previous investigation back in June of 2015 where meth lab materials were discovered but not active. The arrest made from this investigation was dismissed by the court without charges.

Investigators responded to the address and made contact with the owner of the property. After explaining to the property owner the purpose for being there, Investigators were given consent to enter and search a garage. Upon entering the garage, Investigators located the suspect identified as Randal Scott Jr standing inside.

Investigators informed Scott that information had been received reporting Methamphetamine was being manufactured inside the garage. Scott initially denied that Meth was being “cooked” inside the garage however during a search of the garage Investigators located an active “Meth cook” along with numerous items commonly used to manufacture Methamphetamine.

The garage was immediately evacuated due to the volatile nature of the active cook. Investigators were able to re-enter the garage to disassemble the Meth cook and collect evidence wearing protective safety suits. Randal Scott Jr finally admitted to cooking the Meth and informed Investigators the cook “should be safe” but suggested to contain the cook in a cool area. Randal Scott Jr was arrested on scene without further incident.


Randal Dale Scott Jr


5932 E US Hwy 90

Lee, FL 32059

  1. Manufacturing Methamphetamine

  2. Possession of a Controlled Substance – Methamphetamine

  3. Possession of Drug Equipment


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