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  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Two Arrested for Possession of Oxycodone

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Tuesday the 12th day of January 2016 at approximately 1:43 p.m., Deputy Goldman, with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Interstate Criminal Enforcement Unit conducted a traffic stop on a White Dodge Charger for speeding while traveling Westerly on I-10. The driver was identified as Bruce Mathews and deputy Goldman explained the reason for the stop. While taking enforcement action for the violation, Deputy Goldman engaged in conversation with Mathews and the passenger identified as Tito Young. Deputy Goldman observed demeanor and behavioral conduct as well as several discrepancies with specific information provided by each occupant. The actions and information of the occupants created a reasonable belief that criminal activity is, had or was currently taking place.

Deputy Goldman requested assistance from Lieutenant Haskell and Mathews provided consent to search the vehicle. While conducting the search, Deputy Goldman discovered a variety of prescription pills located in the center console. Neither Mathews or Young would claim ownership of the pills. However, Mathews has an extensive criminal history to include his involvement with prescription drugs. Both subjects were taken into custody and transported to the Madison County Jail without further incident.

The investigations totaled 625 schedule II pills (Oxycodone and Oxymorphones) and 204 Schedule IV Pills (Alprazolam).


1. Bruce Wayne Mathews,

B/M, DOB: 10/27/1957

of Kissimmee, Fl.

2. Tito Demutrus Young,

B/M, DOB: 01/10/1973

of Pahokee, Fl.


  • Traffic in Controlled Substance (Schedule II –Oxycodone and Oxymorhone)

  • Possession Schedule IV – Alprazolam)