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Madison County Emergency Management hosted a meeting on Thursday, November 19, 2015 between local Ham radio operators and Strait Hollis, the North Florida Section Emergency Coordinator. Mr. Hollis lives in Eustis, Florida and has the responsibility to coordinate amateur radio emergency communications for forty-three counties from Orlando to Jacksonville to Pensacola. He is new in this position and wanted to visit with members of Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) as he traveled to Jackson County. At the Emergency Operations Center in Madison Strait was able to discuss his vision of how amateur radio operators can help in times of disaster when ordinary communications are either out of service or overloaded. He encouraged the local ARES group to build positive relationships with like groups in adjacent counties and provide public service communications to test the ability to communicate under various conditions. He said "all emergencies are local" and radio operators need to have a response plan that is tested on a regular basis. Alan Whigham, Madison County Emergency Manager, works closely with the local Ham radio operators and considers them an asset to the Madison community.

Photo: Left to right: Carter KJ4JIG, Suwannee County CERT

Dan, W1JXG, Madison County ARES

Pat, K4NRD, Madison County Emergency Coordinator for ARES

Strait, KT4YA, North Florida Section Emergency Coordinator for ARES

Sarah, KD4SMA, Madison County ARES

Alan, KI4IFH, Madison County Emergency Manager

Jim, W4FAO, Madison County ARES

Bob, WA1TCC, Madison County ARES

Not Pictured: Junior, KC4VPJ, Madison County ARES


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