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P.R.I.D.E. Program Gets on It's Way

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart announces the initiation of a new Madison County Sheriff’s Office program. This program is being titled “PRIDE” an acronym for Promoting Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Excellence. The program was started on September 1st, 2015, and it is Sheriff Stewart’s intent for the program to focus on crime awareness, prevention and education for the youth and their families throughout Madison County.

Unlike many other traditional programs across the State this program will not be limited to any single curriculum nor will it focus on a specific criminal activity. The intent of this program will be educate the youth of our community and their families about current crime trends and their consequences. Especially as they relate to current drugs, violent activity, gangs, bullying, peer pressures, as well as other aspects of crime and interaction with Law Enforcement.

Historically the Sheriff’s Office employed five School Resource Officers with funding assistance provided by the Madison County School Board. Unfortunately, because of budget restraints, the funding has been reduced to include only two positions. The PRIDE Officer will be funded by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and will serve all of the schools in Madison County.

Sheriff Stewart’s primary concern is that the youth and their families within the outlying schools of Madison County receive positive Law Enforcement interaction as it relates to crime education and prevention. This program will complement the services of the School Resource Unit, however will remain a separate unit and not be limited to schools but be offered for community organizations, civic groups and churches of all denominations. Lieutenant William Sircy will be assigned to the program and will also serve as Chaplain for Sheriff’s Office personnel.


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