• By Jacob Robinson

Construction of U.S. 90

The U.S. 90 resurfacing project is expected from September 14, 2015 and is to be completed by the winter of 2016.

The Project is to start and extend from the Suwannee County and Madison County lines, a total of 15 miles. It is expected to cost $5 million. The Florida Department of Transportation has hired the Scruggs Company of Hahira, Georgia to carry out the project.

The FDOT project includes not only the resurfacing of U.S. 90, but also resurfacing side streets from the end of the four-lane to the Suwannee River Bridge.

To ensure more safety, the FDOT project will also add painted rumble lines to the road’s edges and widening the turn off onto Donaldson Road. Also, handicap-accessible ramps on sidewalks at intersections will be upgraded with detectable warning devices and flashing school zone signs will be replaced in Lee.

Resurfacing is to begin at State Road 6 and go eastbound towards the Suwannee County line. Because the paving is done into layers, with the last layer to be laid towards the end of the project, motorists will be encountering uneven lanes.

Lane closures are expected to last for some two miles at a time and will be put in to effect after 8:30am. Drivers are to remember that speeding fines are doubled in construction zones and should exercise caution.

Traffic ranges from 5,400 vehicles a day from the Madison four-lane to 2,600 vehicles at the Suwannee County line. This section of U.S. 90 was last repaved in 1999.

For more information, please visit www.nflroads.com.


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