• By Jacob Robinson

Our LDS Missionaries

The missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) are young people who volunteer and dedicate two years of their lives to teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The missionaries assigned to Madison County are Elder Brewer and Elder Sherrill. Elder Brewer is from Syracuse, Utah and is 19 years old while Elder Sherrill is from Los Alamos, New Mexico and is 18 years old. When asked what they wanted the community to know they replied, "Missionary service is an act of love and we're glad to be here and love the people of Madison." Family History is the second most searched for topic online these days, these Elders not only teach, but are trained in doing Family History work, or genealogy. They are able to help find and enter data into a free website called FamilySearch.org. This website, not only helps you search for deceased family member's names and information out of its archives, but allows the opportunity to create your own family tree. This is a free service being offered to all by our local LDS missionaries. You may contact them by calling (850) 673-1581.


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