• By Jacob Robinson

City of Madison Receives Grant

On August 14th, 2015, the City of Madison was selected to participate in the Competitive Florida Partnership program enabling its leaders to reach their goals for the community and to learn from other leaders alike. This came with a $40,000 technical assistance grant allowing the city of Madison to better its unique assets in order to aid in the city's economic development. The grant comes from Florida Department Economic Opportunity organization and will be working with Madison's City leaders to assess and identify other sources for funds and/or resources to help meet the community's goals in order for its betterment. City Commissioner and current Mayor of Madison, Ina Thompson, found out about the Competitive Florida Partnership program through former White Springs Mayor, Helen Miller, who was a great help for Mayor Thompson in the City's application process. "This grant has to show community support," said Mayor Thompson. Letters had to be collected, and were collected, from several community members, businesses, and organizations showing interest in the grant in order to receive it and to also carry it out. "Once when we get going forward with this grant then we will be having some community meetings. We need everybody's ideas on what they see can benefit Madison," stated the Mayor. This will be a three year process for the city of Madison and will help the city to progress. DEO officials will be meeting with Madison City leaders to begin on September 15th, 2015 in order to begin.


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