• By Jacob Robinson

Our Core Values: The Madison County Police Department

Our City of Madison Police officers are here to enforce the law, but we seldom realize the priorities of our local police men and women.

Officers are guided by their core values of service, integrity, respect, trust, innovation, and partnership. “That is our primary function,” said Chief Moore in response to knowing the responsibilities of police, “but in doing that we can also abide by our core values.”

Our police in Madison are always on call to respond to the needs of the community and work to make our community a safer one. “I would like the community to know that we are there to service the community,” said Chief Moore. "...the community [needs] to be able to trust the police and the police to trust the community."

We, as citizens, can help our local officers to better our own community making partnership one of our core values as well. Police Chief Ken Moore stated, “If we are going to coalesce, we all have to work together.” Partnership, interaction, and honesty help our police to be able to serve us better.


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