• Submitted By Bruce Jordan, Fire Chief


Unattended cooking occurs when a person starts cooking food on the stove and then leaves the kitchen and or does not pay attention to the STOVE!

Preventing a fire is much easier than having one or being hurt by one!


Keep an eye on what you fry or cook!

When frying, grilling or broiling and stay in the kitchen while the food is cooking

Turn off the stove if leaving the kitchen, even for a short time.

Stay alert!

When a person is not alert, food may overcook and cause a fire

Don’t cook if you are drowsy, have been drinking, or are taking medications

Avoid excessive use of alcohol, medications that cause drowsiness and illicit drug use.

Keep things that can catch fire away from heat!

Move anything that can catch fire away from the stove or appliance

Keep things that can burn off of the stovetop

Wear clothing with sleeves that are short, close fitting or tightly rolled up

Clothing fires only remember: STOP, DROP AND ROLL!

If your clothing catches on fire, STOP immediately. Running will increase the intensity of the fire, if you must move in order to have room to Stop; Drop and Roll go only as far as needed.

DROP to the ground or floor and cover the face with hands to protect your eyes.

ROLL over and over or back and forth until the fire is extinguished.

Know what to do if you have a cooking fire!

When in doubt, get out of the residence and close the door in order to contain the fire

Call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number after leaving the residence or building

Keep an oven mitt and cookie sheet or lid that fits the pan nearby.

Never use water on a grease fire, water expands when it hits hot/burning grease and it can worsen the spread of fire!

Wear oven mitt and smother the fire by carefully sliding the lid over the pan

Turn off the burner and do not move the pan until it cools

Have working smoke alarms!

Prevent nuisance alarms during cooking by not installing smoke alarms in the kitchen

Install a smoke alarm with a silence button, open the door or window and fan the area with a towel to get the air moving

Do not disable the smoke alarm or take out the batteries if a smoke alarm alerts frequently while cooking; it may just need to be moved further away from the kitchen.

Any group(s) that would like to have someone come out and speak about any fire safety topic please contact Chief Bruce Jordan (850) 253-5117 or email: bruce.jordan@cityofmadisonfl.com


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