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Low income Florida families can't wait on the feds any longer.

WASHINGTON, D.C – Governor Rick Scott made the following statement today following his meeting with Health and Human (HHS) Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Today, I met with HHS Secretary Burwell and requested that HHS reconsider LIP funding in Florida so the Legislature has the information they need to develop a budget. Before the session, HHS knew our budget timeline and they did not act to keep the LIP program. The federal government should not just completely cut off a federal healthcare program for low income Floridians that has been working for years. That is just wrong for Florida families. We want the HHS Secretary to approve our LIP waiver. That is what we asked her to do today. I hope we made some progress, but we will only have real resolution on this when we get their official approval. We need that approval immediately so we can start a special session and pass a budget.

“If we do not get any answer from CMS in the next few weeks, their inaction is the same as a ‘no’ and we will prepare to go into a special session to do a base budget that keeps government running. I told her that we need federal action right now. The low income families in our state cannot wait on the federal government any longer.”


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