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Ladarius Aikens Arrested for Agg Battery

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Sunday the 5th day of April 2015 at approximately 8:30 PM Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to 367 Georgetown Road concerning a possible shooting incident. Upon arrival deputies discovered a large gathered crowd and eventually identified persons potentially involved where statements could be obtained.

Deputies obtained statements from the victim and witnesses at the scene that disclosed that the victim was engaged in a consensual conversation between her young children and Ladarius Aikens. Aikens became upset with the victim disciplining one of the children and began yelling that he was going to “pistol Whip” the victim. Aikens began beating the victim with what was described as a pistol in the head and back area and eventually picked the victim up and slammed them to the ground. Emergency medical services were called to the scene and transported the victim for further treatment.

Deputies identified a brother of the victim which attempted to speak with Aikens and again Aikens became aggressive and violent and shot the pistol several times in the air and drove away. Deputies eventually located Aikens at 323 SW Georgetown Road where he was taken into custody without further incident

Arrested and Charged:

• Ladarius Javon Aikens, B/M, DOB: 05/15/1992 of Madison, Fl.

1. Aggravated Battery

2. Aggravated Child Abuse

3. Aggravated Assault

4. Possession Firearm during commission of felony

5. Improper exhibition of firearm


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