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School Board agrees to list old hospital for $270,000.00

The Madison District School Board met on Tuesday February 17, 2015 for its regular meeting. One item on the agenda was the old hospital. The district acquired the old hospital in a land trade with Madison County Memorial Hospital. The District owned property where the old Madison High School was once located on Crane Ave. and the Hospital wanted that location for the new hospital. The District and the hospital made the trade and the new hospital began to be constructed.

Now that the new hospital is complete and all operation have been move out of the old building, located on Marion St., the District took ownership. The District discussed several options but ultimately decided to sell the building.

The District hired an appraisal company to come in and evaluate the property and come up with the market value. The appraisal company came back with a value of $300,000.00. Under the advice of the Chief Financial Officer ,Ray Griffin, the board voted 5-0 to have the property listed for sale at $270,000.00.

The District will allow local realtors to try to sale the property and receive a 5% or $13,500.00 commission. The District is only allowed, by Florida Statute, to use the proceeds from the sale to go back into “Real Property”, i.e. buying of new property or improvements to existing properties.

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