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Madison County Sheriff’s Office Public Training Announcement (12-31-2014)

Concealed Carry Weapons Class, Saturday the 3rd day of January 2015 AND Intermediate Pistol Course: Saturday the 10th day of January 2015

Sheriff Ben Stewart announces that the will be facilitating its next Concealed Carry Weapons class on Saturday the 3rd day of January 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This course of training, the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) First Steps Pistol course, is the foundation for the sheriff’s office 8 hour concealed carry class. In addition, the course further includes the complex dynamics of potential violent confrontations and will exceed the minimal requirements to make application for the State of Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. The Florida Concealed Carry Weapons permit is honored in 36 states. The course is instructed utilizing Sheriff’s Office Certified Firearms Instructor personnel. The cost for this course is $65.00 and may be reduced for additional people in a group. The second course of training will be an Intermediate Pistol Course beginning at 2 PM until approximately 8:30 PM on Saturday the 10th day of January 2015. This course is designed to build upon the concealed carry weapons course to further develop firearms safety and skill. It further provides benefits for those who desire to increase their knowledge, confidence and ability with their firearm. Our courses are attempting to offer instruction in areas that statistics show to be extremely important. This course will include the following topics: Fine tuning weapon concealed carry options, less lethal options, Accessing a concealed firearm on your person and firing, clearing handgun malfunctions, Cover Vs. concealment, firing from cover, Enhancing marksmanship, speed and accuracy with a firearm, Reloading under stress, Night firing with and without a flashlight, Basic instinctive shooting, Handgun retention, Predator proximity awareness and Handgun disassembly, cleaning and assembly. The cost for this course is $45.00 per person and students are required to provide the ammunition they would like to use during the practical exercises. To register for either of these classes, or for additional information please contact Sheriff’s Office Captain Mark W. Joost at 850 519-0947.