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Morning Storm Hits South of Lee

Monday morning brought heavy winds and rain to Madison County. The hardest hit was just south of Lee starting on the north west corner of SE Bisbee Loop and continued Eastwardly crossing CR 255 around SE Chilkat St. ending up near SE Corinth Church Rd. The damaged stretched about two miles.

A resident who lives on SE Bisbee loop was fortunate that her home was not damaged. Pamela Gary was working in Lake Park when she got the call. She hurried home to check on her home and horses. She found both in good shape but many trees were down in her yard, the 100 gallon water trough had been picked up and tossed into the pasture were it busted into pieces. From her yard looking down SE Bisbee Loop you could see pine trees snapped off ten to fifteen feet off the ground.

Down SE Bisbee Loop many trees were down blocking the road and damaging power lines. As you crossed over SE CR 255 another tree fell and broke a power line. Further down SE Chikats St. a center pivot irrigation system was blown over. The damage stopped with three chicken houses received heavy damage. One chicken house appeared to be a total loss. The owners had just received a new shipment of chicks. No estimate on the damages to the Chicken houses.

The Madison County Road Department was called out to clear downed trees from SE Bisbee Loop. Tri County Electric was also called out to repair the many power lines that were down all along the path of the damage. No injuries were reported.

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