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City Manager Notes

City Manager Notes

Madison, FL City Commission Meeting of 11/10/14

  • Meeting called to order.

  • The agenda was adopted as amended. The Billboard Lease topic was removed from the agenda.

  • Items Removed from the Consent Agenda: United Way Proclamation was removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the regular agenda.

  • Consent Agenda approval:

Minutes of Oct. 4, 2014

Minutes of Special Meeting of Nov. 4, 2014

2015 Holiday Schedule

Vertical Lift Maintenance Agreement

Commissioners approved a United Way Proclamation proclaiming November 2014 as “United Way Month.”

  • Citizens Participation – No one spoke.

  • Commissioners approved Resolution 2014-7 amending the FY13-14 budget.

  • Commissioners approved Resolution 2014-8 regarding the expansion of the city’s Downtown Community Redevelopment Area.

  • Commissioners approved First Reading of Ordinance 2014-8 that amends the city’s Downtown Community Redevelopment Plan.

  • Commissioners approved locking in a per unit price of natural gas that possibly will save the city approximately $455,020 over a four-year period.

  • Commissioners approved a 36-month lease of 11 Panasonic Toughbook laptops for the Police Department. Currently, the Police Department has six refurbished laptops ranging from seven to 10 years old. Eleven police officers share these six laptops which can be affixed to a stand in patrol cars. These laptops were not made for the rough and tumble of a police vehicle. They are in bad shape and are at the end of their lifetimes. With the lease of the laptops, each police officer will be able to have a laptop assigned to him. We believe this will lead to better accountability and likely better care of the laptops.

  • Commissioners approved including the topic of Barn Quilts in a discussion about Tax Increment Financing at December’s City Commission meeting. A proposal has been made to paint Barn Quilts on external City Hall walls and on the floor of the gazebo at Four Freedoms Park. Other quilts would be painted elsewhere in the city. Madison would become part of a Florida Quilt Trail that organizers say would result in more tourism for the city.

  • Commissioners discussed a proposed one-day permit and agreement for groups and similar organizations to sign if they desire to use Lanier Field. Groups desiring to use the open area and playground equipment located on the north end of the field would be charged a reimbursable fee of $25. The $25 would cover a key deposit and a clean-up deposit. Groups desiring to use the nearby football/soccer field would be charged a $50 reimbursable fee. Groups would need to assign one of its members to ensure no vehicles park inside the fence line at the field, except to unload and load items and equipment for the event.

  • Commissioners awarded a contract to Elavon / Public Sector Payments for credit / debit card services. Elavon is headquartered in Atlanta and is affiliated with Madison’s Capital City Bank. Elavon was selected because of its local affiliation and because it will charge a lesser user fee – 3%.

  • Billboard lease was tabled to December’s agenda.

  • Commissioners took another step forward in approving golf-cart crossings. The commissioners approved moving forward with a quantitative analysis and traffic study of the intersection of Horry and U.S. 90. The commissioners also approved conducting an analysis of the intersection of State Road 53 North and Marion and the intersection of State Road 53 South and Rutledge. Traffic studies already have been completed on these two intersections.

  • Commissioners contributed personal funds to help pay for a sign on the courthouse grounds commemorating Lorenzo Cain, of Madison County, who was named most valuable player in the recent baseball American League Championship Series.

  • Commissioners took no action in appointing anyone to represent the Commission on the Madison County Transportation Disadvantaged Board.

  • Police Chief Calhoun and Fire/Rescue Chief Jordan presented their monthly Public Safety Reports.

City Manager Bennett briefed the commissioners about the outcome of the investigation of Police Detective Ben Ebberson.

  • Meeting adjourned.



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