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Lee Elementary Teacher Kisses Pig

Thursday night October 16th started off with fun, games and food at Lee Elementary School in the Town of Lee. Several hundred people including teachers, students and parents came out at 5pm for the annual Lee Elementary School Fall Festival. Games included the ring toss, football throw, ping pong ball toss for a gold fish and many more. The bounce houses stayed busy as students streamed in and out as did the train ride. Many people braved the pine tree maze and at last report all had made it out safely. A cake auction was held with many cakes made by teachers and parents. One velvet cake went for over $100.00.

The evening came to an end with students chanting “ KISS THE PIG”. During the past couple of weeks the students had the opportunity to donate money for the teacher they wanted to kiss the pig. The kid’s would place money in buckets in the front office and each day they would announce the top three who had collected the most money to date. The winner was second grade teacher Mrs. Nancy Varn. Below is a video of her kissing the pig. Everyone had a great time.



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