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Pregnant Woman Arrested for Robbery with a Deadly Weapon

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on early Thursday morning the 21st day August 2014 at 4:00 AM deputies of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Fast Track / Arby’s located at 3907 SW SR 14 in regards to an Armed Robbery that had just occurred. Deputies arrived within 7 minutes of the 911 call and found that the suspect had already fled the area. Deputies interviewed the store clerk and called for an investigator to assist in processing the scene. The clerk reported that the suspect entered the store armed with a semi-automatic hand gun and immediately went behind the counter demanding all the cash from the register. The store clerk complied with the demand and the suspect departed the store in an unknown direction. The clerk described the suspect as being a black male or female 5’07” wearing oversized camouflage pants and a dark t-shirt with a fisherman style hat. It was later determined that suspect had taken $105.00 in currency. Investigators processed the scene and collected evidence while patrol deputies searched for the suspect but was unsuccessful in locating anyone.

On the same date at 11:52 pm deputies were again dispatched to the same Fast Track / Arby’s in regards to another Armed Robbery that had just taken place. Deputies arrived on scene within 5 minutes but again the suspect had already fled the area. This time the store clerk reported that that a black female entered the store wearing oversized camouflage pants, bright blue t-shirt, camo hat and a gray cloth covering most of her face. The suspect was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and ordered two customers to get on the floor. The suspect demanded all the money from the register and the store clerk complied. The suspect departed the store with about $60.00 in cash and was seen driving off in a white car. The clerk recognized the suspect as a female who was in the store earlier and informed deputies that the suspect appeared to be pregnant. Deputies immediately issued a BOLO (Be-On-The-Look-Out) to all officers on duty and provided a vehicle description and direction of travel.

Within 3 minutes of the BOLO officers with the Madison Police Department stopped a white 4 door sedan on Lee Street that matched the description given out. The driver was a black female that appeared to be pregnant and was identified as Jessica Graham. Graham gave the MPD officer consent to search the vehicle for items that were used during the Armed Robbery. During the search officers located $60.00 concealed by the sun visor. When officers searched the trunk they located an oversized pair of camouflage pants, a black sweater, a bright blue shirt, a camo hat and air gun that resembled a semi-automatic pistol as well a bandanna matching the description of the one used to conceal the face of the robbery suspect. Graham was arrested without incident and her vehicle was towed to the Sheriff’s impound for further processing.

During interview with Sheriff’s investigators, Graham confessed to committing both Armed Robberies as well as shoplifting from Winn Dixie. Graham also informed investigators that she was in-fact pregnant and her expected delivery date was in two days on Sunday August 24th.


Jessica Latisha Graham,

DOB: 09/21/1994

176 SW Lee Street Madison, FL 32340

1. Robbery with a Deadly Weapon (2 Counts) 2. Theft



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