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Madison Supervisor of Elections

Question: If I am a victim of violence, how can I register and still keep my address and other identifying information confidential? Answer: If you are a victim of actual or threatened domestic violence or stalking, you can register and vote without risking public disclosure of your address and other identifying information. First you must become a registered participant of the Attorney General’s Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). The ACP will give you a certificate/authorization form and a substitute address through which you can receive mail. To find out more details or how to apply, please contact the Division of Crime Victims’ Services for details at: 850-414-3330, refer to the Victim Services Directory in your area at:, and refer to Rule 2A-7, Florida Administrative Code. Second you must register to vote. Bring your ACP certificate/authorization form with you to your local Supervisor of Elections’ office. If you are a new applicant, your application will be processed manually in such a way that your voter registration information and record (which is otherwise public record) will not be disclosed or released to the public in any way. If you are already registered, your voter registration information and record will be removed from any publicly disclosed or available list. Only your Supervisor of Elections’ will know your true address in order to assign you to the proper precinct. Your absentee ballot will be sent to you using the substitute address that the ACP gave you. You do not go to the polls to vote.