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City Manager Notes

City Manager Notes

Madison, FL City Commission Meeting of 6/10/14

  • .Call to Order

  • Agenda adopted as amended. Mayor Townsend requested a discussion occur concerning a Hiring and Salary Freeze.

  • No items were removed from the Consent Agenda.

  • Consent Agenda:

  1. Approved: Minutes of May 13, 2014

  2. Approved: Fire Report

  3. Approved: Police Report

  4. Approved: Finance Report

  5. Approved: Change Order for Community Development Block Grant (Robinson house)

  6. Approved: Appointment of Mayor Town

  7. send as the city’s Voting Delegate at the Annual Meeting of the Florida League of Cities

  8. Approved: Rail Service Support Letter

  9. Approved: Resolution authorizing the execution of a Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement between the State of Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Madison, Florida

  • Citizen Participation:

  1. Ponce Franklin requested Madison County Mosquito Control address mosquitoes in Plant Subdivision. He also requested the city remove underbrush from a nearby area.

  2. Pearly Tookes and Mary Luster, residents of Gilcrest Trail, requested city sewer. Ms. Luster also voiced a complaint about Madison County rights-of-way on Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive not being mowed. City staff was requested to research grants available for roadway improvements.

  • City Manager Bennett distributed copies of the city’s FY12-13 Annual Financial Report to the commissioners. He briefed the commissioners the auditor has issued an unqualified opinion concerning the annual report. This means in the auditor’s judgment the city’s financial records and statements are fairly and appropriately presented, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Mr. Bennett informed the commissioners the audit firm – Powell and Jones CPA – will formally brief the annual financial report at the commission’s July 8, 2014 city commission meeting.

The Commission discussed a Salary and Hiring Freeze. No action was taken.

  • The City Commission approved First Reading of Ordinance 2014-2 regarding amending the city’s Future Land Use Map to change a property’s classification to commercial from residential. The property in question is at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive and Georgetown Road.

  • The City Commission approved First Reading of Ordinance 2014-3 regarding amending the city’s zoning of a parcel to commercial from residential. The property in question is at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive, Jr., and Georgetown Road.

  • The City Commission approved Mayor Townsend signing an Evaluation and Appraisal Report concerning updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

  • No report was available concerning the status of the Woman’s Club building.

  • Police Chief Calhoun briefed the commissioners about a new Community Awareness Program. The program would include Crime Stoppers, Neighborhood Watch, and email blasts to citizens who sign up to receive crime-prevention tips and warnings of crimes occurring in neighborhoods.

  • City Manager Bennett briefed the commissioners about a recent mediation settlement involving a former city employee.

  • The City Commission approved the appointment of Don Ashley to the City of Madison’s Police Pension Board.

  • The City Commission approved scheduling a special City Commission meeting for June 24, 2014. The agenda would include a presentation about Water and Wastewater impact fees; extension of the current moratorium on impact fees; a presentation concerning the city’s Community Development Block Grant program; and the award of CDBG bids to renovate two houses.

  • City Manager Bennett invited the commissioners -- and the general public -- to a tour of city departments. Mayor Townsend agreed to provide the welcome on July 10, 2014 during a dinner/meeting of the Suwannee River League of Cities to be held in Madison.

  • Other Items of Interest to the Commission:

  1. Commissioner Hawkins stated that going forward the city needs to be mindful of its budget constraints. He also mentioned the orientation program in which he is involved where he is touring city departments.

  2. Commissioner Catron agreed with Commissioner Hawkins’ statement regarding the budget. He added the city needs to be effective and efficient in delivering city services. He stated the city’s current budget problems are not problems created today, but over time.

  3. Commissioner Thompson mentioned the value of the city’s orientation program in enabling newly-elected commissioners to learn more about city departments.

  • Adjourned



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