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Local Hospital Shines

Often you only hear about the bad things that happen at a business or public services, the line was so long, I had to wait forever or the employees or staff where rude and did not care about how they served me. This is normally all you hear about, rarely do you hear the good stories. Today is not that day.

On Monday June 9th while waiting to start a lunch meeting my wife called and said our fourth child (age 3) had been bitten by ants and was turning red and her face was starting to swell. She was on her way to the emergency room at Madison County Memorial Hospital, and asked if I could meet her there. My little girl did not feel well and she wanted her daddy. I took leave of my meeting and made the five minute drive to the ER.

As I walked in the door at the ER my wife was carrying my 3 year old and the nurse had our 6 month old in the car seat on their way to the ER room. I quickly helped with my 6 month old and we went into the room. The nurse quickly examined my little girl. While she was doing that another nurse came in and then the nurse practitioner came in. In what seemed like only a few minutes more hospital personnel than I could keep up with came in and checked on my little girl, while others were getting medication prepared to stop the reaction she was having. Even the lady who has to get all the paperwork signed came to the ER room after treatment had been started.

The nurse came in and administered the proper medication and within minutes the swelling started to go down and the redness and rash began to fade. Within 30 minutes of our arrival my daughter went from being red all over and swelling everywhere and feeling real bad, to running around the room and laughing and playing.

If not for the quick response of my wife and the nurses and staff of Madison County Memorial Hospital my day would have ended a lot differently.

I am grateful for everyone who help make my little girl feel better. So to Tiffany and all the others at the Madison Emergency Room THANK YOU!



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