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After 36 years of service to New Home Volunteer Fire Department in Madison County Chief Jack Pickels has earned his first White Chief's helmet. On the evening of May 5, 2014 the members of New Home Volunteer Fire Department held a special meeting at their station to present the helmet to Chief Pickels who was instrumental in starting the all volunteer department in 1978. He has never waivered from his duties as Fire Chief or in his commitment to Madison County. The members of NHVFD would like to give Chief Pickels a public "thank you" for all of his dedication through the 36 years of guiding the department in fire fighting activities.

Chief Pickels is very fiscally conservative with county monies and would never purchase a white helmet for him self. Rather he would spend the funds to better the department and support the needs of the firefighters he supervises. The members decided (without input from Chief Pickels) that it was time for him to wear the white helmet that designates the Chief. The Madison County community thanks Chief Pickels for all that he has done and continues to do.

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