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Look out for These SCAMS

Three more SCAM attempts reported yesterday April 23, 2014. Please read so you are aware. Don’t become a victim.

Case Summary-

The victim was contacted in early April by someone claiming to represent a company that hires “Mystery Shoppers” and inquiring if the victim would be interested in participating in our area. Thinking the offer was legitimate the victim agreed. The victim soon received a package from Los Angeles California that contained a US Postal Service Money order for $980.00 along with instructions to cash the money order then go to several local retailers and purchase money pack cards with the funds from the money order in the amount of $320.00 and $500.00. Once the transactions was complete the victim was to email the pin numbers for the cards along with her evaluation of the store employees. The victim was to keep the remaining funds as payment for services. The victim complied. Soon after the victim was contacted by a second person claiming to be from the same “Mystery Shopper” company and requested the victim participate again. The victim agreed and was sent another package containing another US Postal Service money order only this time the amount was much higher. The victim was given the same instructions and completed the task. Yesterday the victim was contacted by the bank and informed the US Postal Service money orders fraudulent and had no value. The bank withdrew the amount of the money orders from the victims account. The victim saved all correspondences including email address, money pack cards (now cleared of all funds) and package labels. During our investigation we found the email address, phone numbers and physical address were either fake or no longer existed.

Case Summary-

The victim received a phone call on her personal cell phone from a male subject claiming to work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The callers’ number showed up as (372) 473-3614. The caller identified himself as Keith or Kevin Jackson and told the victim that she was possibly facing criminal charges and suggested the victim contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. The caller then began to ask the victim for her personal banking information and social security number. The victim told the caller that she paid her taxes and did not owe the IRS anything then hung up on the caller. The victim then called the IRS 1-800-829-1040 and was told this was Scam attempt and to contact local Law Enforcement to report it. We conducted an investigation into this and found that the phone number the scammer called from was a “Magic Jack” phone number. A “Magic Jack” line is a voice over IP address phone line (internet based phone call) and could have been made from anywhere in the world. I this case the victim recognized this as a Scam attempt and did not provide any personal information. As a reminder the IRS would not need to ask anyone for personal information as they would already have it on file.

Case Summary-

The victim received a phone call from (253) 719-5126 and a male who identified himself as John Snider and stated that he worked for the US Department of Treasury. The caller told the victim that she must pay approximately $1900.00 to the US Treasury for a Federal debt to avoid going to court. The victim told the caller that she owed no Federal debt and hung up. An investigation showed the phone number was a landline based in the State of Washington and assigned to carrier “Ymax Oration”. Further investigation showed that individuals throughout the United States had reported receiving various types of Scam calls originating from this same number. Investigation continues.


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