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Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Thursday evening at 7:20 pm deputies of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to the B & B store located at the Cherry Lake Crossroads (8113 North State... Road 53 in Madison) after being dispatched to a physical altercation in progress.

Upon arrival deputies immediately identified Johnny Mack Vickers as being the aggressor and promptly took him into custody. Deputies identified two of the victims and assisted them with obtaining medical treatment for injuries sustained during the fight. According to statements from numerous witnesses Vickers rode up to the store on a bicycle and crashed it into a parked vehicle. Vickers became irate and started swinging at multiple individuals striking several of them. At one point Vickers struck a victim in the face breaking the victim’s glasses and hearing aide while causing injury to the victim’s nose and knocking him to the ground. Vickers got on top of the victim then began to choke the victim. Several witness reported that they pulled Vickers off of the victim and attempted to restrain him until the deputies arrived and took him into custody without further incident. Vickers did appear to be intoxicated but it is unknown what prompted his behavior or attack.

Arrested: Johnny Mack Vickers 08/04/1957

6382 N State Road 53 Madison, FL 32340

1. Aggravated Battery on Person 65 YOA or Older

2. Felony Criminal Mischief

3. DUI (Bicycle)

4. Disorderly IntoxicationSee More



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